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How do I Sign Up?

Simply click here

What Payment Options do I have?

You can pay your subscription box using any payment methods Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. From the day subscription box was purchased you will be charged. 
After the segment of months, you will be charged again, until you'd like to cancel.

What comes in a Subscription Boxes?

Collection of organic products selected by box type, and one product that is not available for anyone but subscribers. The basic box is a great introductory box and starts at $25 plus shipping. Our premium box is $35 plus shipping and has higher quality supplies that tend to be more expensive.

How is CoolRawFood shipped?

Boxes sent to addresses in the USA are shipped via UPS Mail innovations and/or USPS. UPS mail innovations handles the delivery to your local post office and USPS handles the delivery to the address provided to us during checkout. The final delivery will be handled by USPS. 

When will it ship?

Our boxes ship around the 25th of the month prior to arrive right around the 1st. For example our July boxes ship by June 25th. We really wish that we could hand deliver each box individually, however, we're at the mercy of the postal carrier and sometimes delays are outside of our control. If you did not receive your box by  first of the month and your tracking number hasn't updated please contact customer service at support@coolrawfood.com and we'll be happy to assist you. 

How do I change my address?

All changes considering your box must be made by the 15th of the month when we start packing boxes. You can change your address from your account login. Once logged into your account click “My subscriptions”button and click “Edit”. Adding an address does not automatically change the shipping address, please double check the "My Subscriptions" section on the left side of the login page to make sure that is proper address. If you have any questions or need any assistance changing the address please contact our customer service at support@coolrawfood.com.

What is a cutoff date?

If you're wondering why you still do not have your box yet, please note we have a cutoff date. The cutoff date starts the orders for the following month. It is 5 days before the shipping date. This is standard for almost all subscription companies.

Why the cut off date?

We need 5 days before shipping date to ensure we have enough time to pack and ship all of our boxes. 

What if my box shows delivered but I can't find it?

We rely on our customers to be able to safely receive their monthly boxes, we are not responsible for replacing boxes that show delivered. We appreciate your understanding.

What's your Cancellation Policy?

You may cancel at any time from your account login. To cancel click the edit button in the "My subscriptions" field, and select the option to cancel on the bottom left of the page. You have the ability to Prolong, Suspend your subscription easily through your customer profile as well, allowing you to maintain your subscription according to your personal needs. Just click the edit button in the "My subscriptions" field and select the button to "Prolong subscription" or “Suspend subscription”. If you've requested a cancellation via email or through our support system they will be processed during normal business hours and thus we strongly recommend managing your subscription through your account to avoid any unwanted renewals. 

What's your Refund Policy?

Refunds are not automatically applied due to a cancellation request. Many of our customers cancel their subscriptions in order to avoid future renewals but still wish to receive the boxes that have been paid for.  For this reason, refunds are not automatically applied upon cancellation - they must be requested. We will provide a refund for your box as long it's requested 15 days before shipping date. 

How do I update my credit card info?

You can update your credit card information via the account page at any time. Just login to your account, and edit your profile the info under the "Change payment method" section.